Know When To Fix Or Replace A Faucet

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The Best Advice on Replacing Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets

Faucets in your bathrooms and in your kitchens play such an integral role in your everyday life that they’re easy to overlook — that is, until they start leaking! Then you have to decide whether to try to fix it yourself or call in a pro. Unless you’re handy with a pair of pliers, calling a Raleigh plumber is a smart move.

kitchen faucetAt that point, the decision becomes do you replace a faucet or can you get away with fixing the one that’s giving you trouble. A number of issues play into your decision. Take into consideration:

  • Your plumbing budget
  • How much you've got invested in the faucet
  • When you may be looking at a remodel of the bathroom or kitchen
  • How long you're staying in the house before you sell or move
  • How interested you are in trying something new

Stop Guessing; Call an Expert

If you have a certified plumber who takes care of all your plumbing needs, he or she has become a trusted source of information and advice in your home improvement and repair in the past. So call them to give you the straight skinny on faucets!

It pays to develop a relationship with a Raleigh plumber like Michael Johnson at Midtown Plumbing. When he says you need to replace a faucet, you can trust he’s not just trying to sell you something you don’t need.

Replace a Faucet Now

Water leaks can lead to serious damage in your home. Wiping up a drip now and then may not seem like big deal, but it is when you end up with mold or rotten flooring from damage you couldn’t even see. If you fix a small leak when it first starts, you can avoid an expensive and extensive home repair.

But if you do a minor repair and still see drips and leaks, it’s time to replace a faucet. Talk to your plumber about recommendations or just let your budget guide your choice. An experienced plumber can install most every type of faucet. If you do go out and buy your own, however, just make sure it’s designed to fit in the holes you already have at the sink.

Faucet Replacement Options

Replacing a leaking faucet isn’t always a slam-dunk position to take. For example, high-end faucets can run as high as $1,300 or more. Many of those faucets are guaranteed for life, so the manufacturer may send replacement parts as you need them or pay to have it fixed locally.

But even if you have a top-quality faucet, you could seize the opportunity to get one of the latest technological advancements on the market. Don’t go looking for a smart faucet that Alexa can turn on and off, but you may enjoy a smart touchless faucet that doesn’t require any handles. Prices have come down considerably, making them an affordable solution for homeowners to replace a faucet with a gadget you only saw before in commercial restrooms.

While you’re considering your options, keep in mind that most faucets have about a 10-year lifespan. They usually begin leaking or giving you problems after eight years. So having to replace a faucet that’s been good to you for a decade isn’t unusual. And when you rely on your trusty plumber to do the work, you have a much better chance that it will last out its useful lifetime!