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Valves and pumps keep your plumbing system running. When these vital components go down, your whole system goes down. If you are having trouble with your plumbing valves or pumps, Midtown Plumbing, LLC can help. Our team is well-versed in all types of plumbing pump service in Raleigh, and we can work on any make or model. As a company, we work hard to stay up to date with the latest plumbing technologies.

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Plumbing Pumps

Generally speaking, pumps are used to move water around. They are often used to prevent flooding and to move water from one area to another. There are several types of pumps you might find in your residential home, and they all serve crucial functions and keep your home safe from water damage. The two main categories of pumps are submersible pumps and non-submersible pumps.

Standard residential plumbing pumps include:

  • Sump pumps
  • Transfer pumps (also called pony pumps)
  • Sewer ejector pumps

Many people are familiar with sump pumps. These pumps are typically installed in basements or crawl spaces where water collects. Their function is to remove the water that collects in the low point of your home, thereby preventing flooding and water damage. Our sump pump plumbers in Raleigh can help you install or repair your sump pump.

Types of Plumbing Valves

Your plumbing valves control the flow of water through your plumbing system. When open, they allow the flow of water, and when closed, they restrict the flow of water. In residential homes, valves are what controls the water coming from your municipal water source or well into your home. Valves can be made from several materials, including PVC, bronze, and brass. The type of valve being used will depend on what it is being used for. Your plumber will determine which valve is best for each application.

Common types of valves in residential homes include:

  • Ball valve
  • Check valve
  • Gate valve
  • Pressure reducing valve
  • Stop valve

One of the most important valves in your residential plumbing system is your backflow prevention valve. These valves are usually check valves. Check valves ensure that water only flows through your system in one direction.

Another critical valve is your main water shut off valve. Your main valve is what controls the flow of water into your home from your main water line. You should know where this valve is so that in the event of a burst pipe or an overflowing toilet, you can shut off your water and avoid a flood. If you are unsure of where your water main shut off valve is, contact our Raleigh plumbers, and we will help you.

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We are a full-service plumbing company, and we are committed to professionalism. Since we were established in 2013, we have built a strong reputation for providing residents in Raleigh with expert-level plumbing services at honest prices. We believe in maintaining communication throughout your service, no matter what you may need. When you hire us, we will go through every detail with you, guiding you in selecting the products and services that are right for you – nothing less, and nothing more.

With Midtown Plumbing, LLC, your satisfaction is our number one priority. For expert valve and pump repair in Raleigh, call us today at (919) 373-6788 or contact us online.

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